About Us

FESA was established as an agent of LAROX (Finnish filtration company) in Turkey in 2002. After that, the agencies of COMESSA (French dryer company) and FLOTTWEG (German decanter company) had been acquired.

FESA, has been the sole agent of OUTOTEC (Finnish mineral processing and automation company) , after that LAROX had been sold to OUTOTEC.

By starting the agencies of valve and pump manufacturer company FLOWROX and world leading chemical manufacturer KEMIRA, the scope of the selling products of FESA have been widely enlarged.

FESA also providing consultancy to the companies in mineral processing industry especially in solid-liquid seperation, with its extensive knowledge and experience.

By performing lab scale and pilot scale test works for their products, in Turkey and abroad, FESA is closing a gap in the sector.

As FESA, our basic principle is, not to try to turn the impossible into reality, instead, to try to find out the most efficient and economical solutions among possibilities for our customers.