Outotec sets new standards in superior flotation performance; aeration and mixing, froth manipulation and recovery – for every flotation task. Our flotation solutions are tailor-made for each customer, be it a question of flotation packages with support services, modular process sections or even whole concentrators. Every stage in the flotation circuit is customized, be it roughing, scavenging or cleaning.

With over 100 years of experience in proven and innovative flotation, the complete life cycle of the installation, starting from the very first mineralogical study through feasibility studies and simulations, is professionally covered. There is no compromise on quality.

Low operating and maintenance costs and high equipment reliability contribute to a rapid return on investment. The wide range of available cell sizes permits plant design to be compact, economical and efficient, without fear of short-circuiting, even for today's high tonnage operations. Fewer units lead to substantial savings in construction costs, piping, cables, instrumentation and auxiliary equipment.


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