Chemicals - Sulphuric Acid

For maximum sulfur-conversion efficiency, the sulfuric acid plant must be a total concept incorporating waste-water treatment, dust, slag, heavy metals and scrubbing acid equipment.

With more than 600 plants installed worldwide, accounting for over one-third of the current entire global sulfuric acid capacity, Outotec can truly be called the global leader in sulfuric acid plant design and delivery. We offer vast experience for any acid plant project whether they are mini modular at 100 tonnes per day, or mega-sized ones at 5,000 tonnes or more per day, we are ready to help you realize your business needs. All of our solutions are focused on meeting your specific targets.

Our scope of services in the industry begins with feasibility studies and comprises lump sum turnkey installations with extensive technical support throughout the lifetime of your plant.

Since1964 Outotec has supplied more than 180 double absorption units. At least 17 of these units have been designed for operation in autothermal conditions, processing smelter gases containing less than 6.5% SO2 with another five units able to handle sulfur dioxide concentrations of up to 18%.


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