Water Treatment

With a long tradition in applying and investigating water treatment processes to mines and metallurgical plants, Outotec now offers water treatment solutions for the industry.

Outotec industrial water treatment processes aim for the production of reusable or environmentally dischargeable water, while maximizing the recovery of valuable elements and reducing water and energy consumption.

Typical waters and wastewaters of the mining and metallurgical industry contain elements such as heavy metals (Fe, Cu, Zn, As, Mg, Mn etc.), calcium, sulfate, nitrates, solids, salts and acidity which require treatment before discharge or (re)use in the process.

Outotec has efficient, sustainable and best available process solutions and technologies in its offerings to the removal and recovery of most of the elements met in the industry's process waters, effluents and wastewaters.

Outotec's water treatment process solutions are based on innovative, sustainable and best available technologies. As a supplier of comprehensive technology solutions for the mining, minerals and metallurgical industry, Outotec can provide customized water treatment solutions and technologies. This is accomplished by taking into account the entire process chain from gate to gate – understanding both the production and business processes in the industry allows the tailoring of the water treatment solution to the specific needs of each process while at the same time respecting the requirements of the environment.


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