With increasing energy prices, due, in part, to ever-shrinking common traditional resources, fossil fuel alternatives such as oil shale or oil sand have suddenly deserved a second look in terms of what they can offer for the future. Outotec's innovative technologies provide the path to optimized solutions and complete plants for the production of unconventional oil. Providing beneficiation, oil winning and energy-effective waste management, Outotec offers complete plant solutions and plant optimizations.

Outotec now offers value-adding technologies and services to the energy industry with a view to renewable resources. After decades of providing expertise and innovation to the mining and metallurgical industries, Outotec realized that its capabilities, technologies and proprietary equipment, could be expanded to include the energy sector. Our offerings include unconventional oil winning, coal charring/gasification and combustion technologies for various plants, such as oil shale pyrolysis or biomass combustion.

Our energy engineering team provides solutions for:

  • Oil extraction from oil shale
  • Coal charring and gasification
  • Combustion of biomass/industrial by-products/sludges


For more information, the company's website can be found here.