Fluid Bed Dryers

The Standard Fluid Bed processor is a closed casing in which a distributor plate is secured at suitable distance from the bottom.

Depending upon the requirements of a given application, the distributor plates may be perforated sheets, porous metal, or plates with special shaped holes.

The casing is generally subdivided into several sections to provide the optimum fluidization velocity at each stage of processing. The temperature of the fluidizing gas can be changed for each plenum section and the final section can be a cooling zone.

The behavior of the fluidized product is remarkably similar to a liquid. Product is discharged by overflowing an adjustable weir.

Product fines are collected by cyclones or other suitable systems.

These Fluid Bed units are used primarily for drying. Fluidizing air is heated by means of steam or oil in an air heater. Hot gases can be used from a direct or indirect fired heater. These units are also used for cooling applications.