Turbo-Fluid Dryers

 The comessa "TURBOFLUID " Dryer is designed for a combined conductive and intensive convective drying. It is destined to process efficiently and uniformly the sludges and divided solids. The drying principle is applicable to products with free water content and which are not heat sensitive.

Working principle:

The TURBOFLUID Dryer is constituted by a jacketed cylindrical and horizontal shell with a rotor. The rotor is a hollow shaft extending axially through the length of the shell. A varying number of radial arms are positioned along the rotating shaft. These arms are eventually tipped with lifters. The product is fed continuously. The orientation of the shovels is provided for intense mixing of the product and incidently to obtain a good heat and mass transfers. Some of the lifters are designed to remove the product sticking eventually on the shell. The shaft is designed to inject the hot drying gases inside the product layer. The gas temperature can reach 650°C. It follows from above considerations, that the TURBOFLUID equipment is comparable to a Fluid Bed Dryer with submerged Heat Exchangers.