Chemical Industry

COMESSA supplies a wide range of equipments adapted to the Chemical industry - Fluid Beds - Rotary Drums - Band Dryers - Pneumatic Dryers - Dryer under vacuum and Turbofluid.

COMESSA was one of the first to develop the Vibrating Fluid Bed.

Our equipment is generally destined for:


COMESSA can offer equipment for the following treatments:

Drying of crystallized products :

In Vibrating Fluid Bed or in Fluid Bed with Internal heat exchangers

Treatement of polymers :

Drying of S-PVC and Polypropylène Post Treatment

Drying of Polyamide granular Polypropylene, PET in Static Fluid Bed

Elastomers drying :

COMESSA can propose, according to the nature, the quality, the moisture content of the elastomers, various equipment : the Resonance Vibrating Fluid Bed, the single pass or multi-stage Band Dryers.

The main elastomers treated by our equipment are the followings:

  • Natural rubber (isoprene).
  • Polybutadiene.
  • SBR.
  • Butyl.
  • Nitryl.
  • SBS.
  • Pliolite.

Treatment of catalysts:

For the drying activation and regeneration of pulverulent or extruded catalysts, comessa put forward its creative equipment. In terms of drying, comessa proposes the Band Dryers allowing confined profiles of temperature and smooth processing of brittle materials.

As regards the activation and the regeneration of catalysts, comessa presents a wide range of devices and notably the Direct Heated Rotary Kilns and Indirect Heated Fluidized Beds.

Our experience is based mainly on:

  • The activation of Nickel catalysts.
  • Activation and regeneration of extruded Molybdenum and Cobalt catalysts.
  • The regeneration of extruded catalysts.
  • The activation of Chromium catalysts.

The incineration of chemical wastes :

Due to the experience acquired in thermal processes, comessa can design and supply perfectly adapted waste incineration installations.