Slurry Knife Gate Valves

Flowrox Heavy Duty Knife Gate Valves are built with a cast body and they feature a heavy-duty stainless steel blade. Removable seats on either side of the gate provide a bi-directional bubble tight seal, with no metal parts in contact with the slurry flow.

Flowrox slurry knife gate family includes wafer (LKW), flanged (LKF) and high pressure (LKH) valves. Standard pressures are up to 10 bar for LKW/LKF and 20 bar for LKH.

Knife Gate Valves' special features include:

  • Double seat design for heavy duty slurry service
  • Easily replaceable ring sleeves
  • Full bore
  • No metal parts in contact with the flowing slurry
  • Bubble tight shutoff

Knife gate valves are suited for several applications e.g. in Mining and Metal Industries, Mineral Processing or Water and Waste Water Treatment. Flowrox can also supply non-standard diameters and special pressures on request.