Flow Control Technology for Energy, Construction & Environment

Flowrox valves and pumps offer the utmost reliability, the lowest total cost of ownership and most importantly the longest operating time. They have been used very successfully in energy, construction and environment industry applications for several decades:


  • Bottom and fly ash processes
  • Scrubber lime and gypsum slurries
  • Chemical dosing to water treatment
  • Sulfuric acid disposal
  • Drilling mud treatment


  • Silo feeding and isolation
  • Powder pneumatic conveying
  • Grinding aid dosing
  • Ball mill feed and discharge
  • Additives dosing


  • Sludge handling and dewatering
  • Sampling systems
  • Chemical feed systems
  • Sludge pumping systems
  • Hydrostatic pressure relief

Our products improve our customers' efficiency and have proven their performance in the toughest process conditions.